HBOT- Oxygen Therapy

What is HBOT - Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, is a part of physiotherapy treatment used to fasten healing of Sports Injuries, Paralysis, gangrene, infections and neurological problems in which tissues are not getting enough oxygen. In HBOT oxygen is delivered under pressure through which more oxygen is dissolved in body plasma which fastens the healing of effected tissues.

Who is HBOT for?

Traumatic Brain Injury Paralysis Sports Injuries Post Covid Rehab Skin Care Sports Injuries Anti ageing Cerebral Palsy Autism

Benefits of HBOT

      √   Fasten healing of injured tissue
      √   Helps Anti Aging
      √   Helps Skin Care
      √   Helps Neurological Problem
      √   Helps Sports Injury
      √   Increases Respiratory Fitness
      √   Makes tissues stronger

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“The goal of Oxygen Therapy is to fill the blood with enough oxygen to help heal tissues and resume back normal body function”

How is HBOT Done?

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We put the patient into a private chamber



The air compress, air cooler & oxygen generator will be activated.



After 5 minutes the chamber will be pressurized completely.



The patient will be inhaling oxygen under pressure for the prescribe duration.



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