Hydrotherapy Pool

BTN Physio Hub has the first Hydrotherapy Pool in Rajasthan with high tech equipment’s such as water bicycle and jogging treadmill from Europe.

Our Hydro-Pool has specialized aqua instruments for hydro training such as Hydro tone bells from USA and water dumbbells from Singapore.

Hydrotherapy Pool has an overhead gait machine just to support and lift people with neurological problems such as cerebral Palsy and Stroke.

Excercise Department

The exercise department at BTN Physio Hub is equipped with the most advanced rehabilitation equipment’s like patient lifting system which can be used for neurological patients that have difficulty walking and balancing on their own.

In the exercise area we also have a functional trainer machine which can be effective for overall body training. (Very good therapy training for Neurological and Ortho patience)

Electro Department

BTN Physio Hub has a special Elecro department. In our Electro department we have the first Class 4 Robotic Laser Machine in Rajasthan. This Laser Machine is highly effective for clients or patient that have low back pain and sports injuries plus our electro department has advanced electro modalities from Enraf Nonius.

Paediatric Area for Special Children

Children suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Development Delay and Physical disorder need specialised care and treatment under the supervision of an expert.

At BTN Physio Hub we are committed to delivering quality services to differently abled children. Hence we have designed a specialized playroom area for just kid’s treatment.

Our paediatric area has advanced equipment to ensure any special child coming for therapy gets the best treatment.

Additional therapies like occupational therapy, speech therapy and special education therapy will be provided depending on the child’s requirements.

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