Success Story

Cerebral Palsy to Global influencer

A Story : Hitesh R was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy but is now a global influencer.

Disability Reveal

How did your parents react when they found out you were born with a disability?

20th January 1992 my parents were waiting for their first child but they were not expecting their excitement to turn into their biggest nightmare.

Due to a medical negligence I was born with a disability- Cerebral Palsy.

My mother did not even know what was Cerebral Palsy and to acquire more information on this condition she would frequently consult with experts to know more about Cerebral Palsy and if there was any way she could help improve my condition.

Initially in the early stages I could not even walk and talk but my parents treated me like a normal child as they believed the universe had a bigger plan.

The education system suggested that I should go to a special school but my parents fought the system and ensured I went to a normal school


School Life Challenges

To be honest my school life was like a jungle. My classmates would constantly make fun of my disability. Sometimes I didn’t look forward to going to school.

I still remember there was one particular day where I got bullied badly.

I came home running and I questioned my dad, “Papa why am I not normal? How can I be normal?”

My dad was taken a back he did not know how to respond to a twelve-year-old kid.

He looked at me and said, “Son you might never be normal cause there is no cure for your condition but if you promise me to work hard and never give up in life, I promise you, you wont be normal but you will become Better Than Normal one day!”

Fight Againest to Disability

Treatments going on...

I have travelled around the world looking for the right therapist to help me treat my disability- Cerebral Palsy.

I found that right therapist in 2010 in Jaipur- Dr Manoj Mathur.

Personally I felt many therapists treated me like an ATM machine but Manoj was different he was super passionate about his work and I could sense the energy that he genuinely wanted to make a difference in his client’s life.

I have been taking therapy from Manoj for the past 10 years and now my disability has drastically improved.


Hitesh is a Paralympic Medal winner with the Singapore Paralympic Football Team and the author of the book “Better Than Normal” which has sold more than 15,000 copies worldwide.

Hitesh is also a global motivational speaker and has inspired over 5,000,000 people around the world

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